Polarity in Motion by Brenda Vicars


Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Coming of Age
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: December 2014


Disclaimer: A free copy was exchanged for an honest review.

Polarity Weeks has never quite fit in at school, but when a nude photo gets leaked on the internet her life spirals downward in a way she never imagined. She can’t even imagine how the picture was taken, she’s simply not that sort of girl! Through child protective services, various schools and questionable parenting Polarity fights to figure out this mystery.

The story was quite gripping, and the mystery of the photo kept me hooked on the novel, I was just as eager as Polarity to figure out who could have taken the photo and why she didn’t remember it being taken. The school settings were also extremely well written and researched, though many f the teen characters fell back into stereotypes.

The writing started a little shaky but improved moderately as the book continued and Polarity’s point of view was extremely interesting. The issue I took was that the book took on too much at once.

The book pushes through topics of race and how it affects the system, a borderline parent, drug use but barely touches on the consequences of child pornography. In fact the novel focuses far more on the rather awkward romance between Polarity and Ethan which seems to spring from no where at all as he promises to champion her near the beginning of the book.

Despite the books insistancy that no one is all good or all evil the side characters are certainly portrayed that way. Cynthia is your classic make up loving bully out to hurt while Ethan has never done a single negative thing in his life. While entertaining and a perfectly fine read I just could not bring myself to rate it higher when it’s characters fell so flat and the ending felt so rushed.



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