The Glass Arrow by Kristen Simmons


Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Dystopian, Fantasy
Publisher: Tor Teen
Publication Date: February 10th, 2015


“I’d rather be a wolf than a girl any day.”

Set in a world where women are property bought and sold for breeding, our protagonist is ripped from freedom and tossed into the world she’s tried so hard to avoid. The novel touches on themes of family, sacrifice, friendship and bravery.

Above all this novel shines with it’s world building. Every detail is thought out and it seems almost a shame that the world is locked into a single novel. Magnates, Pips, Watchers, Virulents, the book introduces a whole new societal structure and manages to explain it well enough that I never felt confused and managed to easily submerge myself in this fictional world.

There are quite a few well written female characters, though it is a shame that “strong female character” has again been confused for a girl who fights furiously and viciously. There’s nothing wrong with this sort of girl, but every softer, more traditionally feminine female is sort of looked down on. This can be put on the protagonists view of strength as it’s from her perspective but it’s a shame to see girls who are raped or who want to dream of something different tossed aside like they’re worthless.

It was an impressive novel. It lost a few chances to make more powerful statements on rape and sort of fell into the “hide your gays” trope with a few scenes that seemed to hint something but were never fully tied up. Nevertheless it was a breath of fresh air in the genre. Romance was not shoved needlessly into the spotlight (here’s looking at you Divergent), there is a strong focus on family love instead of romantic love, and all in all it’s a fast paced novel that feels tight and well-tied up in the end.




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