Out of Order by Casey Lawrence

Genres: Young Adult, LGBT, Mystery
Publisher: Harmony Ink Press
Publication Date: March 21st 2015


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Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the author in exchange for an honest review.

“Bang! One of your friends is dead. You have just seconds to react, what do you do?”

Corey has just had her perfect high school life shattered right before her eyes. Before this moment, she had only small problems. Like being a closeted bisexual, being in love with her best friend, figuring out what to say as valedictorian.

This book flows magnificently. The choice of writing the murder first and then intertwining stories from Corey’s past and her present situation really worked. Especally because Lawrence segued all her chapters so well into each other. Not to mention it is so wonderful to have a bisexual protagonist. The main group of friends was pleasantly diverse physically and personality-wise, and it’s very easy to feel the main character’s loss. It’s a beautiful depiction of friendship, love and loss. Not to mention the mystery of who the murderer is that will keep you hanging on until the final pages.

I did find that sometimes Corey’s voice felt out of place. Some of the vocabulary seemed odd, or was used once and never again when it would have been appropriate. There was also some drug use that felt far too casual. While there are some consequences related, the drug is only used once and the character hardly even thinks about getting high again.

While the ending did leave me without some of the closure I wanted, I think that was appropriate to the tone of the novel. It was a quick read; short, satisfying and hard to put down.


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