Edge by M.E. Kerr

Genres: Young Adult, Anthology, Short Stories
Publisher: Open Road Media Teen & Tween
Publication Date: September 15th 2015


Disclaimer: This book was received through to publisher in exchange for an honest review.

“”Ideas are personal,” someone said. “Bodies are all alike, but ideas, are individual and personal.””

A collection of short stories written by renowned author M.E. Kerr. From alternate universes, to stories of coming out, letting go and just growing up in general. Whimsical at times, serious at others, it’s a very eclectic and enjoyable collection.

The stories, while good, do feel a bit dated. None of them feel like timeless pieces. I was left feeling slightly disjointed from characters outside my time. It reads a little like a required reading in high school. Some of the stories are fanciful, set in alternate realities or worlds that really make you consider your own. It’s a very good coming of age novel, with plenty of stories about growing up. The writing style was brilliant. It was smooth, simple and very easy to devour quickly. However, while certain stories played all the right notes some stories didn’t. There were a few that left off far too vague or open-ended. It feels almost as though the whole story has been for nothing, or the ending doesn’t feel like a close at all. If I could pluck a few stories out this book would, no doubt, be a five star novel. A nicely varied anthology suitable for any young adult, if a little on the poorly aged side.


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