The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy by Sam Maggs

Genres: Non-Fiction, Humor, Feminism
Publisher: Quirk Books
Publication Date: January 1st 2015


“We know what we’re into, we love hard, and we’re okay with it. But we don’t have it easy.”

OTPs, NOTPs, fanfics, cosplay, this book has you covered for anything geeky. A feminist look at all things geeky with lovely illustrations, plenty of jokes and helpful guides to help you on your way to become whatever sort of geek girl you choose.

I was a little nervous picking up this book at first. While I do consider myself a feminist, in recent years the words has often been used by people in order to spread hateful opinions. Luckily this wasn’t that sort of novel….almost. There were a few questionable moments where I thought the book was taking it a little too far. Including a feminist section which wuld have been fine if the first half of it didn’t seem to forget it was in a book about geeks and should be framing how those two correlate and not just give me some feminism 101. Luckily it remembers itself and becomes sort of relatable.

Onto the geekery. While I found myself laughing at some cute references there really wasn’t anything to be learned. It felt less like a handbook for girl geeks and more like a handbook for girls dabbling in geek who want to get more into the culture. Which is fine, but the title is rather misleading, perhaps “a beginner’s guide” would have worked better. It also assumes we’re all socially awkward several different times. There was however a good deal of excellent recommendations/resources that any geek girl would be excited to discover.

It’s a cute read, but it has it’s issues and overall I was a little disappointed with what it ended up being compared to what the title would lead you to believe.


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