The Girl at Midnight by Melissa Grey

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: April 28th 2015


“One needs only a single match to start a fire”

Echo is a human, but her only true home is with the Avicen, a race of bird people who nest beneath New York city. Echo is a thief, and spends her days using the in-between to travel across the world gathering interesting and valuable artifacts for her guardian The Ala. However, when she steals a strange music box she sets in motion a series of events that The Ala hopes will lead to the legendary Firebird. The only hope the Avicen have of ending the century old war between themselves and the Drakharin.

My hopes going into this novel were entirely too high. The book boasted of LGBT representation, which would have been great if it hadn’t been between two side characters. One of whom is in love with his straight friend for a majority of the novel, but will obviously fall for the only other gay man he’s ever met because he doesn’t have any other options. It’s not just this romance that’s poorly written though, every romance in the novel is. Aside from one that is only remembered.

Echo isn’t really anything noteworthy. She’s a classic chosen one, who’s tough and has trouble trusting people. At least that’s what the author tells us. Unfortunately characters with trust issues seem to throw those out the window. The book takes place over about a week but that’s enough for untrusting Echo to put her trust in several strangers because they’re pretty. No substantial romance can develop over such a small time frame but the author pushes for two of them which feel rushed and inorganic. The characters know almost nothing about each other other than how warm they are, or how good looking they are. The love triangle is even more irritating, it’s just as badly written as every other romance related thing. The romances offer near nothing to the story and were completely unnecessary.

Aside from the romance the book itself was pretty rough. It throws you into thew world far too fast, frantically trying to explain things as it goes leaving the reader confused. they throw the story into the world without adequately building it up first. Echo is a quintessential chosen one, leaving much to be desired, I’m less than interested in her because she’s so predictable. It was a very standard fantasy novel littered with bad romances and only a few interesting plot points that made it enjoyable at all.


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