Warriors: Crookedstar’s Promise by Erin Hunter

Genres: Childrens, Xenofiction, Animals
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: July 5th 2011


“I will be loyal to my Clan above everything. What I want doesn’t matter. The Clan must always come first.”

Another Warriors Super Edition! This time we follow Stormkit on his journey to become Crookedstar. After permanently disfiguring his jaw, Stormkit doesn’t know if he’ll ever be a proper warrior, but he dreams of a strange cat who tells him of his destiny. He will be the greatest leader any clan has ever seen, if only he wants it enough.

Crookedstar is another cat with a tragic life, the main culprit being his terrible mother. It’s painful to read about how she treats her kit. Unfortunately after he gets through that the most interesting part of the novel is over. It’s easy to guess what happens in his life, and it doesn’t give us many twists. Unlike Bluestar and Yellowfang (other Super Edition stars) most of Crookedstar’s life is obvious. There’s not much new information except the involvement of Mapleshade which was dense at best. It seems unlikely that Crookedpaw would so readily believe her. The peak into the life of RiverClan (one of the less involved clans in the main stories) is a fresh take on it. Ultimately it’s a solid installation to the series, but not a remarkable book on it’s own.


Read this if you’re a fan of: Bluestar’s Prophecy


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