Valiant by Holly Black

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy (Urban Fantasy), Romance
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: May 31st 2005


“I like all the things that make you monstrous.”

Val can’t stay at home. She feels like a fool after what happened and she can’t bear to live with her mother. Running away takes her to New York city, where she finds a colourful group of vagrants to run with. They seem a little more than colourful though. When Val finally meets the man they’re all running deliveries for she realizes she might have gotten into something more magical than she expected.

There is a slight drop in quality from the first of the trilogy, but Valiant still has that gentle magic that Black bestows upon all her novels. While the romance feels weakly developed, the world, as always, feels full to the brim with deep roots. The mythology and history behind Black’s fairy world is so intriguing that the book can be forgiven for it’s other faults. Still it has to be acknowledge that the plot was choppy, skipping so many sections that we don’t really get a good feel for any of the relationships.  While the drug addiction to the magical “Nevermore” is well written some more serious issues are almost brushed off. The profanity is sometimes awkwardly thrown into sentences as well, it just feels out of character on some occasions where it’s used.

The support from the first novel, Tithe really holds this book up. Other than it’s fantastic look into faeries the books individual plot and characters are really satisfactory all on their own.


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