Calling Maggie May by Anonymous

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Publication Date: June 23rd 2015


“What does it matter? We give them a fantasy and they give us money. Everyone is happy that way.” 

The nameless protagonist (probably Maggie but her name is never given properly) starts the novel out feeling stifled. Studying and extra-curricular activities rule her life and her mother is disappointed in anything less than perfect. Frustrated with her lack of freedom our protagonist becomes friends with a fashionable girl, hoping she can become more like her, but being like her new friend is more unpleasant than she first imagined.

After reading most of the books in this series Calling Maggie May feels slow and less exhilarating than it’s counterparts. The protagonist has everything going for her, and while the book describes her as intelligent she seems very dense. She’s very quick to make seemingly uncharacteristic decisions and the throw away everything at the drop of a hat. It’s very hard to feel sorry for her. Most of the characters in the novel felt flat and one-dimensional but the plot at least held enough interest that it wasn’t a boring read.


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