Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson

Genres: Comics, Humour, Non-Fiction
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication Date: March 8th 2015


Disclaimer: A free copy of this book was received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

A collection of comics about adulthood. Relationships, responsibilities, social situations, anxiety and general awkwardness.

Drawn in a simple style each paneled comic explores a different situation or facet of adult life. It’s refreshing in it’s fearless honesty. Periods, leg hair, over-eating are all depicted exactly as they should be. With all the expectations of growing up it’s wonderful to see a depiction of adulthood that feels more like my experience. A book for the introverts and awkward turtles of society.

It does run a little short. The comics are fairly simple and it’s not hard to get through the book in a half hour without missing anything important. It feels very much like clicking through a young webcomic; it leaves you wanting more but it also leaves you feeling like there wasn’t quite enough. This problem could have been mitigated with some sort of introduction or commentary by the author to make the book feel more substantial.

The comics have been published online and have been very popular. If you have enjoyed any of Anderson’s comics you will love everything in this book. The tone and humour is consistent throughout.

Cute and clever comics that are above all relatable.


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