Warriors Cats: A Path of Stars by Erin Hunter

Genres: Childrens, Xenofiction, Animals
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: September 1st 2015


“A word that reflected the kinship he felt with those he hunted and fought beside. ‘They have their own Clans.’ He meowed suddenly.”

The cats have begun to settle into their different groups. Rules have been made and followed by the group cats. The rogues are not as happy. A dangerous cat called Slash is determined to make trouble for the clans. He is more cruel than any cat they’ve faced before. If the group cats want any chance of surviving Leaf-bare they must work together.

Meant to be the finale the the prequel arc, Path of Stars falls short. It is quite a fast-paced and interesting story. The problem is that the series promised to demonstrate how the clans became the well-oiled machines they are in the rest of the series and it doesn’t quite manage that. It’s easy to see the ghosts of the ideas. There’s faint references to mentors, medicine cats and deputies, but nothing is ever concrete. A naming system is never developed. We don’t really get a full sense of all these traditions and rules becoming official.

The ending, while bittersweet, feels like it cut the entire story short. So many ends are left untied. Even if there were plans to continue with these characters it feels as though the arc is left unfinished. The villain isn’t quite dealt with, the clans are not quite formed. Romances feel rushed or unfinished. So many questions about the lore that SHOULD have been answered in this prequel are left hanging. It was entirely enjoyable as a story, but as an ending it was handled poorly.


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