Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Genres: Romance, Young Adult, Contemporary
Publisher: Speak
Publication Date: August 4th 2011 (January 1st 2010)


“Boys turns girls into such idiots.”

Anna’s father has decided that she should study abroad in France. For Anna this decision is anything but a dream come true. She has to leave her family, friends and budding romantic interest to study half a world away. In a country where she can’t even speak the language. Luckily she’s quick to find some friends, Meredith, Josh, and Rashmi. And of course the handsome (and taken) St. Clair. It might not be so easy to stay just friends with him.

A perfect depiction of young love and lust with a heavy dose of teen angst.

St. Clair and Anna are brilliant, fully realized characters. It’s easy to see them together and their friendship/romance is absolutely heartwarming. I would be lying if I denied falling in love with St. Clair just as hard as Anna did. Their friends and other characters however seem to fall off the edge. Rarely do other characters get more than one or two defining characteristics. There’s the artist, the one who loves soccer, the mean girl, the responsible one…and they’re not much more than that.

A slight damper on the story are both Anna and St. Clair’s shortcomings. People fight, that’s a given. Anna and St. Clair are a little ridiculous about it. They do so many things wrong that you’re banging your head against the wall out of irritation. You know how things SHOULD go and it seems ridiculous that the characters can’t get their acts together so far into the book.

It’s a predictable book. The ending is obvious from the start and most of the “twists” are easily seen before you turn the corner. The book still managed to be entirely enjoyable, and it really makes you feel in love. That fluffy, over inflated love-love that only fiction can give you. t does leave a few plot-strings untied but it’s so cute that it’s easy to over look them.

It’s fun, fluffy, fanciful and yes a little frustrating. Nevertheless it’s a wonderfully written love story.


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