Warriors: Tallstar’s Revenge by Erin Hunter

Genres: Childrens, Adventure, Animals, Xenofiction
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publication Date: January 1st 2013


“Sandgorse chose his own destiny. Why should he get to choose yours, too?”

When Tallstar is just an apprentice tragedy strikes Tallstar is determined to blame a rogue, Sparrow, and needs revenge. He will have to leave his clan and family if he is to punish Sparrow properly. Along the way Tallstar will discover that sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself.

This is definitely one of the weakest Super Editions Erin Hunter as written. The age old adage “show don’t tell” seems entirely lost on this novel. Characters are meant to be the best of friends suddenly over very few interactions. The two characters barely know each other and I’m supposed to believe their ond is more powerful than anything because the book tells me so.

Unlike the other Super Editions I’ve read it does very little to give insight into Tallstar’s life. Why does he become leader? He doesn’t seem like the sort of cat that deserves the position but the book conveniently skips over any development straight to his leadership ceremony.

It dawdles far too much on his appreticeship and his travels and it makes his development seem sudden. Tallstar spends a huge portion of his life seeking revenge and in a split second he decides not to, which is reasonable, but he’s also totally fine with how things have changed.

It was a good premise, but it would have done better as a single book in an arc. As a super edition it tried to cover too much and left the characters and relationships suffering for it. We hardly see any growth, the book just tells you how the characters have grown without any evidence. Erin Hunter has written plenty of better super editions and if you’re not a completionist, feel free to leave this one out.


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