Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Genres: Graphic Novel, Young Adult, Fantasy, Humour, Adventure
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: May 12th 2015


“No, I wouldn’t. And I’m the villain. What do you suppose that says about you?”

A blend of science, magic and fantasy, Nimona is a unique and fast-paced graphic novel. Nimona, a young shapeshifter, takes it upon herself to become a sidekick to Lord Blackheart, the kingdom’s most notorious villain. Together they’ll expose The Institution for what it really is, and deal with Blackheart’s friend turned nemesis in the process.

A whirlwind of a read, Nimona is action-packed, clever and heart-warming. It’s clearly very aware of it’s genre and plays with tropes without ever being predictable. At first glance the characters seem astoundingly conventional, but they’re absolutely anything but.

The pacing does leave something to be desired. Although Stevenson manages astounding character development, plot and action in her limited pages, it feels like there should be more. The relationships are all very clear and well-defined but some, between Blackheart and Nimona for example, feel as though they were a little rushed. The book did not feel long enough to contain the story that it wanted to tell.

Despite the touching and at times heartrending story, the novel manages to have dozens of great comedic moments. Stevenson knows exactly when to write in a joke or a touch of oddity.

Bittersweet and strange, Nimona is a graphic novel that is subversive without being preachy. It has positive representation and diversity that feels entirely natural. It is a beautifully rendered comic that even non-comic readers will enjoy.


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