The Secret Loves of Geek Girls by Hope Nicholson

Genres: Anthology, Non-fiction, Comics
Publisher: Bedside Press December 2015
Publication Date: December 2015


“Sansa Stark loves lemon cake, and so does the girl I love.” 

A non-fiction anthology about geek girls and the girls and boys they love. Comics, short stories and prose all blend together in a fantastically diverse collection following fandom-driven women through stories of romance, sex and lost love.

The diversity in this book is astounding. Women of different races, backgrounds, sexualities, it’s very easy to find a story to relate with regardless of what your identity is like.Fandom is used to explore love, issues of race and gender, used to cope or to grow as a person.

The various tones and writing styles mean that there is something enjoyable for everyone. The standouts for me were “Minas Tirith” by Maguerite Bennett, “Cherry” by Cherelle Higgins and “Regards to the Goblin King” by Megan Kearney. I could list quite a few more that captured my heart, but I’ll leave it at my top three. There were stories that I found less engaging. Comics that I found too short or lacking any real depth, but judge as a whole this anthology is fantastic.

So many of the stories make it easy to forget the novels non-fiction status. They are written beautifully and evoke just as many feelings as fiction stories do. It’s unique, honest and a wonderful look into the world of women involved with fandom. A wonderful read for ANYONE who considers themselves a geek and loves stories.

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