One was Lost by Natalie D. Richards

Genres: Young Adult, Mystery, Thriller
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Fire
Publication Date: October 1st 2016


Disclaimer: A free copy of this book was received through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Damaged. Deceptive. Dangerous. Darling. Waking up drugged with labels on their wrists was not part of the camping plan. To make matters worse their teacher is out cold, all their equipment is destroyed and they can’t see the other girls across the river. People die in the woods all the time, but when you’re being hunted by a psychopath things are a little more urgent than usual.

Richards has woven a suspenseful and spooky tale that reads like a campfire horror story. It was thrilling trying to put the pieces of the mystery together while worrying about what might happen to the characters next. There was so much to be worried about and the pacing kept up through the whole book. There were very few moments of rest before something new happened.

The characters were good. It was hard to care about them until a while into the book when they got a little fleshing out. In the beginning it’s hard to get a feel for anyone but Sera who’s narrating. The relationships between the character were…alright. There was very little bonding outside of the romance – which felt unnecessary. The parts where Sera is remembering her brief romance or thinking about how she doesn’t want to be like her mother are definitely the weakest parts of the book, aside from the conclusion.

The ultimate ending felt a bit weak. All the suspense felt like it was leading to something bigger and more dangerous. Richards had set out a lot of pieces, but only some actually felt like they fit in the end. It felt like the little things should have had so much more meaning to make this book perfect. Richards’ messy ending throws away a lot of the work that went into making the story as clever as it was.

It’s a solid mystery, and some of the twists are generally shocking and satisfying. However a shoehorned romance and a climax that didn’t fit the vuild up left it feeling more average than anything.


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