The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater

Genres: Young Adult, Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Publication Date: April 26th 2016


“He was a king. This was the year he was going to die.”

This is the year that Gansey is going to die, this is the last chance he has to find Glendower. In the finale to a breathtaking series the quest finally comes to a close.

The Raven King is a good ending, but it falls short of the ending the series deserved. It feels like a book without focus. It darts from character to character and tries to do more than its predecessors with less. The plot and pacing are confusing at best, and while the ending was good it felt less satisfying than it should have.

Of course, the weakest book in a brilliant series is still a brilliant book. The Raven King just failed to live up to the expectations that the rest of the series laid out for it. There was too much left open, too many characters left dangling in uncertain fates. Too many new characters and plot threads are introduced when the book couldn’t close everything it already had to deal with.

The elements that made the previous books special are still strong. The characters (even the new ones added for inexplicable reasons) are real and strong and lovable. It’s difficult not to fall in love with Gansey and his gang again and just as hard to resist falling for Henry, but few of these characters get a real ending. Most importantly the endings we were promised from the beginning of the series only sort of happen. It feels less like a clever twist and more like a cop-out. This was a series that needed a bittersweet ending not an ending full of sunshine and cotton candy.

I hate to say this about a series I love and about a book I enjoyed but the ending was most certainly rushed. The book should have spent less time introducing new things and focused on ending what it had started. This book pushed so many elements aside to focus on new things that it failed to feel like an ending at all. That said it was a brilliant book for the characters, many of them getting development even if their plots are never tied up.

It was a good book. The characters were good, Stiefvater’s writing style continues to be poetic and interesting, the magic is still alive…but as an ending it was a bit of a disappointment.


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