the princess saves herself in this one by Amanda Lovelace

Genres: Poetry
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Date: April 23rd 2016


“who knew such a young heart could shatter?”

A collection of poems divided into four parts. The first three read like a diary exploring the life of the author while the fourth is an inspirational note to the reader.

It’s sometimes difficult to review short novels, and this one can be read in under and hour. It’s particularly difficult when you have barely any criticisms to make. I was worried going into this that the hype was exaggerated and that writing an honest review would be painful as I respected the author so much. However, the collection is so deeply beautiful that my worries were pointless. Every hint of praise is deserved.

Lovelace has crafted a beautiful poetry collection that can be appreciated even by those who don’t consider themselves poetry readers. Not only are the poems exquisite but they feel powerful and incredibly personal. It’s a collection that can bring tears to your eyes. There will be poems that will stay with you, lines you will want to quote because you relate to them so deeply.

The first three parts of the novel connect together fantastically. It is personal, but it isn’t difficult to review. The way Lovelace stitches together her poetry is astounding. Anyone who have loved books, loved the wrong boy or desperately wanted to be loved will find pieces of themselves. Even if there is nothing of yourself in Lovelace’s writings it’s impossible not to connect with her. The fourth part is a little more abstract, they are poems to the reader. Poems about self-love and survival. The book would have been just as strong without this section but I think including it lets the reader feel more involved.

There are those who argue that the book is too personal, or that it doesn’t fit into any classic poetry genre. They aren’t wrong, but I personally feel Lovelace’s freeform writing style and deeply personal subject matter make the collection more powerful.

Perhaps this will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I believe that young women struggling to find love and themselves will find Lovelace’s work compelling, passionate and most of all beautiful.


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