Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J. Wiebe


Genres: Graphic Novel, Fantasy
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: April 8th 2014


“To the lucky dead who will not be feeling this hangover tomorrow.”

A rag-tag group of four female mercenaries fight baddies and try to avoid getting arrested while doing their jobs. When they encounter a hired killer on one of their missions they realize that they may be less wanted in town than they thought.

The plot of Rat Queens is mildly interesting at best – but the characters are so vivid that it doesn’t matter. The story is driven by character development and relationship and it’s clear that this first volume barely scratches the surface of their depth. It’s also worth noting that the cast is pleasantly diverse in race, body type and sexuality.

The writing is explicit, and the story is filled with gory battles and injuries so it’s not a story for every reader. Most adults who are alright with that will find Rat Queens enjoyable. Particularly people who play fantasy MMOs or D&D will enjoy the satirical humour and references to tropes.

The world in Rat Queens does not feel epic and far off. It feels, in a way, closer to ours than most fantasies ever get.There are parties, romances, friendships and conflicts that are relatable (minus the monsters). It makes the consequences and pain feel real. It’s a fantasy world that’s funny and light but still full of lore and magical creatures.

It’s clear that the first volume is pretty light on plot and tries to focus on development of the characters, but there’s still so much we don’t know about our protagonists. It feels like there is so much more to come from this series and I’m glad to see a comic focus on realistic women who have good relationships with one another while kicking ass.

Rat Queens is a set of comics packed with witty dialogue, graphic violence and powerful woman. Sure to please anyone who loves fantastical adventures.

For Fans Of: Nimona


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