The Crown by Keira Cass


Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Dystopia
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: May 3rd 2016


“Maybe it’s not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it’s the last ones.”

Eadlyn is under a lot of stress. With her mother barely escaping death, her father stressed out and her selection nearing it’s end she barely has any time to think. To make matters worse there are plenty of people who don’t think she belongs on the throne at all. Eadlyn has to choose a husband, accept her role as ruler and endear herself to her people before they decide someone else might be better suited to take her place.

The Crown has carved a good place for itself in the series. Although the two books focusing on the daughter of the previous protagonist seem like a cash grab they out do the original trilogy in some ways. The selection takes more of a centre stage without the rebel plots to steal the show and the romance is far more tolerable.

While Eadlyn’s final choice is well foreshadowed there is always an element of mystery. It seems like she might choose any of the boys, but she is never overly attached until she falls deeply for one. This line of romance creates a much more tolerable story than America’s whiny love triangle.

However, on the same note,the convenience of the end is disappointing. Eadlyn doesn’t really have to make any tough choices or hurt anyone. Her relationship just sort of falls into place and the other boys leave happily to make way for her. It seems a bit unrealistic and much too toned down from the stress and anger of the first novel of the two that focus on her.

The ending feels unsatisfying and rushed – which I feel I find myself saying far too often about books these days. The note it ends on is a very uncertain future with too much revealed too fast. The characters changed personalities and objectives too fast. The whole book was too fast including the romance and the ending. It wasn’t unenjoyable just unremarkable.

The Crown is, on its own, a fine story but along with The Heir it is an unwelcome addition to a trilogy that ended itself well and didn’t need to be continued past it’s prime.

For Fans Of: Only Ever Yours


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