Magekiller by Greg Rucka


Genres: Graphic Novel, Fantasy
Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Publication Date: August 9th 2016


“The problem with magic is that it cheats.” 

Marius and Tessa make their living by killing mages. For Tessa it’s a job, for Marius it’s purpose. When they’re hired by a very unexpected and unwelcome client they end up in a world of trouble – luckily they’re saved by something worse. The end of the world.

I desperately want to love anything written in the world of Thedas as much as I love the games that take place there but Magekiller falls incredibly short of being anything remarkable. The six comics are brought into a volume but there has been no effort made to really bring them together. There’s no break between comics so you got from a dramatic moment to the characters explaining the basics of who they are with no indication that a comic ended. The six comics really don’t tie well together at all.

For so few comics there’s a surprising amount of plotlines – and almost none of them find a neat ending. It’s not satisfying to end up with your arms full of loose ends and a sappy rushed conclusion. Neither Tessa or Marius really experience any character development. It just feels like a mess. It’s a bunch of action sequences with minimal plot and character – which isn’t what Dragon Age should be.

The art style is alright, there are points when it’s a little sloppy. Tessa’s skin colour seems up for debate she ranges from very lightly tanned to deep browns with little care for lighting. The cover art for all the comics is impressive but the inside is just passable.

There’s a cameo for a few well-loved characters from the games, and that’s pretty interesting. The actual story and bulk of the comic, however, fail to be even close to satisfying.

For Fans Of: Asunder



2 thoughts on “Magekiller by Greg Rucka

  1. First time coming to your blog and I must say it looks really cool and tidy.

    For the book: the named looked cool and so did the premise, but you described it as being that bad. If I can’t encounter it online (yarr) I will never think about buying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your compliment! I’m also glad you value my opinion so highly. I love Dragon Age a lot, but I haven’t really liked any of the books I’ve picked up based on it. I know Patrick Weekes has written some so I might try one of his next as he’s my favourite in game writer. I hope to see you around again!


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